Feb 02

Use Certapro Painters For Home Improvement


When you first got your home, it probably looked quite impressive with pristine aluminum siding. As the years passed, the elements, along with mold and dirt started to hammer away at its good looks. Its true that good siding can last an extremely long time. However, after a while it simply beings to wear down. Some homeowners are not aware of the drastic improved effect a paint job would have on the look of their homes.

Mike Hopkins, operator of a Certapro Painters business says that many homeowners have questions for him about siding. Some do not even know that it can be painted, or they think it might be overly expensive. Once Mike explains to them that once the painting is done,that their home is going to look good for the next couple decades, they are much more interested. The cost is typically about a third of what it would cost to get new siding, making it quite the bargain and a good investment.

Doing A Good Job On Your Siding

Mike and his crew follow specific steps to make sure that your siding looks amazing.

1. They give your siding a thorough power washing in addition to treating it with a specially made cleaning solution.

2. They fix any damaged or out of place pieces. If any areas are pitted, they are sanded down and treated with quality primer.

3. They take a close look at how the siding was originally installed. They know vinyl has to be looser because it expands and contracts more.

4. Once this is done they put on a special acrylic bonding primer which is applied by spray.

5. They finish up they use two coats of the highest quality acrylic paint.

Getting the beauty back in your home really is not that hard. With the aid of experienced experts, it can be done in only a day or two. When you want your siding to look just as good as the day you bought it, contact Certapro Painters. They have been helping homeowners for years and have very affordable pricing.

Jan 30

CertaPro Painters: Providing Great Customer Service

CertaPro Painters

We all know the customer is always right, although in today’s often competitive market, forging a lasting relationship with your customer is perhaps more important than simply solving a problem. Despite its importance, customer service is often sacrificed or overlooked, as it takes patience and flexibility to make it work much of the time, and it often takes a lot of work from a business to fix the problem. Certapro suggests that the following tips will help you to provide great customer service:

1.  Understanding and acknowledging the customer’s problem is essential and you should always try to not make the customer feel they are being difficult.

2.  Regardless of the nature or significance of the problem or complaint, always empathize and apologise and when you do so, sound as though you mean it.

3.  The customer needs to know that you are listening to them and one way to demonstrate that is to repeat the problem or issue, but in your own words and making sure they understand you. Any tension can also be diffused by doing this.

4   Follow up at least once, perhaps even twice, once you have solved the problem. The additional follow up can make a big difference and can help you to stand out, and Certapro is known for that.

The importance of customer service cannt be emphasized enough, despite the fact that it takes a lot of time and sometimes can cost you money to resolve an issue. The next time someone is yelling at you, try to remember these tips and make sure to keep your tone of voice pleasant as well.

Jan 30

Hiring A CertaPro Professional Painter


Faux finishes provide a great decorative addition for your walls. However, this bold interior design choice needs some planning before being executed. With this in mind, here are some helpful tips to get you started and on your way.

Only use faux finishes to showcase rooms or to accent walls. Do not use them on every room in your home or in high traffic areas. They are too difficult, if not nearly impossible, to duplicate if a small patch happens to get damaged.

Each finish that you utilize is going to give the room a different feel. For instance, leather and suede finishes are soft and relaxing while metallic and venetian finishes are more dynamic and spectacular.

Keep in mind that this is an artistic process so it will not look like the card that you get whenever you are at the store. In order to get a more realistic idea of what the finished room is going to look like, you will need to get a big sample from CertaPro Painters.

If you want to get good results from this process you have to work fast and maintain a wet edge. This is why it can really pay off to hire a CertaPro painter.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the quick changes that are seen on television. A lot of experts work to bring about those transformations. While basic painting is relatively easy, if you are not good at it, you should save money by hiring a professional. The experienced of repeatedly doing this will make the finished product look its best.

Whenever you hire someone, make sure that they are licensed, insured and have workman’s comp. You can find a CertaPro painter in your area by calling 1-800-GoCerta or by going to the CertaPro.com website.